• Easy Rentals South Africa is the largest “All-About-Property” website in South Africa serving people from the entire world with short-term and long-term accommodation needs. Tens of thousands of people search the site everyday for Rooms, Flats, Houses, Shops, Offices and Venues. The site also serves those who want to sell or buy property.

    Property owners or their agents get their rooms, flats, houses, shops or offices rented or sold for a fraction of the cost of print advertising. The site has also taken even the hassle of sticking adverts on walls, buildings, gates, traffic lights, traffic signs etc. Imagine printing and sticking adverts only to be removed the following day; and again, sticking adverts in your neighborhood limits you to renting the property to a few people who may be in the habit of relocating every monthend; but a wider audience ensures your property gets exposure to working people and other people who will not stress you in terms of paying rent. By so doing Easy Rentals South Africa is contributing immensely to cleaner cities and safer cities by eliminating litter and obstruction on traffic lights. Easy Rentals South Africa also contributes to environmental conservation through saving paper, and trees.

    Easy Rentals South Africa invests heavily to rank higher on all the major search engines and runs ads in many of the major newspapers to make sure those renting out or selling properties reach a wider audience in and and outside South Africa.

    Institutional advertisers and real estate entrepreneurs can direct traffic to their website and can also create a manageable account and portfolio of property. Want to rent-out or sell your property? Post it in Rentals South Africa. Looking for a property to buy or rent? Search for it in Rentals South Africa.

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